We got back together as a band 2007, after being separated for more than a decade.
Once together again, the five of us agreed to play nothing else but our own “home cooked” melodic metal.

In 2008 we decided to hit the studio to record some of the new tracks. And when the four track demo was all done, we thought: “Why not release it as a four track EP?”
So we released the EP “Start of a new era” in November 2008. It got magnificent reviews in magazines and fanzines worldwide. bandbild

Since then we have been doing lots of liveshows and played at some of the biggest rockfestivals in Sweden. And lots of time has been spent writing songs and rehearsing.

Now, when we’re about to release our first fullength album, our aim is set a little bit higher.
Maybe we will get the opportunity to do some shows outside Sweden? Let´s hope so.
We are totally happy and proud of the result, both songwise and soundwise, with the new album “Chapter 1”.

So we hope you will enjoy Chapter 1 as much as we do, and hopefully we’ll get the chance to meet you and say “hi” when on tour.

Love you always
Eternal (of Sweden)

Download this biography in PDF here.